USB Credit Card Readers

USB Credit Card Readers usually can read regular standard magnetic cards too, but always be sure to check first. They usually work great with both Desktop and Laptops and should be out of the box ready. Often they are compatible with Quickbook software products, but again you may want to double check to make sure. These units can also be used as a direct replacement for old style keyboard wedge readers.
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Magstripe Readers

Magstripe readers can be an expensive piece of hardware to Merchants when they are starting out. There are just so many little extra(s) when it comes to merchant accounts and processing credit cards that most new businesses never even thought of.

When starting out budgets are tight and buying new is not always an option. Ebay has some great alternatives for a Merchant who is in need of a low cost Point-of-Sale Equipment. Why not check out these Magstripe listings below.

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