GPRS Credit Card Terminals

GPRS credit card terminals are reliable way to be completely mobile and still be able to have all the perks of a retail credit card processing machine. This is also a great way to lower your Merchant Discount Rates (MDR) because you will now be consider to having face-to-face transactions with typically fall under the Qualified rate umbrella which is one of the lowest rates/fees available.

Just make sure you content to a good cellular network company that offers low cost data plans with your CPRS connection. Often your merchant account provider will take care of the data plan associated with your credit card processing services.

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Portable Credit Card Reader

Some businesses are mobile and require a portable credit card reader. There are so many different model types available. Most of them connect off a cellular network and usually come as their own hardware. However, there are some hardware that can attach to your current cellular device. Be sure to make sure your hardware you purchase is compatible with your merchant account provider’s software.
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